Main features:
  • Crimes - perform crimes.
  • Cars - perform car nicks choosing the option with the highest probability of success. Sell or ship cars based on their worth and make/model in order to save cars for group crimes/crushers/etc.
  • Smuggling - smuggle any kind of narcotics and booze.
  • Bullets - buy bullets on local and fams factory. Sell bullets on Obay.
  • Market - Buy all items from Market.
  • Bank - manage money on pocket.
  • Bodyguards - buy and train bodyguards.
  • BOs - perform bust outs, pay out.
  • Blood - buy blood.
  • Attacks - detect when gets attacked and send a SMS/EMAIL to you, go to safehouse, and play an alarm.
  • Backfire - set the backfire on.
  • Casino - Roullete, slotmachine and S&W.
  • Inbox - Go to inbox.
  • Statistics - Go to statistics.
  • Login - Auto-login when kicked.
  • Pauses - make long and short pauses in order to simulate human behaviour. Pause when tired. Logout to avoid excessive online time.
All features can be turned off/on and include a lot of configurations.

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